Services for Clinicians

Safe Talk Space offers effective, consistent, and experienced clinical supervision for licensure-candidate marriage and family therapist, counselor, or social worker that meets both state and/or governing association requirements.


We are dedicated to a collaborative model of supervision where together we will identify your strengths and weaknesses (as a therapist).


Together we will determine the best ways to support your learning, encourage your curiosity, willingness to try new interventions, and the development of your own style of therapy. Mental health counseling is a challenging field. Those who enter into it are committed and compassionate. However, there is always room for improvement, both professionally and personally.


Our objectives in providing clinical supervision include:


  • Enhancing the skills of supervisees as well as their confidence while treating clients

  • Fostering diversity in practice and application

  • Offering emotional support to clinicians

  • Sustained professional development

  • Ensuring therapeutic services remain safe, ethical, and competent in compliance with all professional standards and practices

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We Can Help

Safe Talk Space provides affordable supervision from highly trained and certified subject-matter experts to pre-licensed clinical associates in Arizona, Texas, California, and Washington state

Supervision is complex. Not only does it involve a modicum of teaching through the relationship with an experienced clinician, but it also brings all the dynamics of a client into a relationship that has complexities of its own. The supervisory relationship also includes an evaluative role on the part of the supervisor.


Our licensed and certified clinical supervisors utilize decades of combined knowledge, education, and experience to support, encourage and collaborate with pre-licensed clinicians to foster a collegial spirit, high levels of trust, and a passion to grow and learn. If you need supervision to satisfy your clinical hours, we are here to support you. 

Supervision Fees (LMFT, LPC, LCSW):

Individual: $125 per hour

Group: $$75-$100 per clinician

Supervision Fees (PsyD):

Individual: $150 per hour


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